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8 Plumbing Myths Busted

Top Eight Plumbing Myths Busted

Conventional wisdom on household plumbing has been passed on from generation to generation. But, it doesn’t mean they are true and one end up paying more than they would have if they follow these blindly. Some of them often cause damage to your plumbing system even without you realizing it. You need to know how effectively you can maintain your plumbing system without damaging it. Here are the top plumbing myths debunked.

Myth #1 – Citrus fruits like lemons and lime are a great way to clean my drains and disposal and it smells nice as well

While lemons and limes may make your disposal smell for some while, it won’t last long. Also, the citric acid them can corrode your metal pipe and harm your disposal system. It is better to use a cleaning solution such as a mild soap and warm water to clean your plumbing system.

Myth #2 – Using running water when using the garbage disposal makes it run smoothly

Most of has fallen for this one, but it doesn’t make it true. While it may make sense that water will help things go down easier, but there are something that are not meant to be thrown away in the disposal such as banana peels or egg shells. These can damage the pipe system and it then may require expensive repairs. If you want to throw thick foods down, break them into small pieces before mixing them with water and then put it down the disposal system.

Myth #3 – Low water pressure is perfectly normal and one will experience it no matter what

This is completely false. Low water pressure may be a sign of leaking water pipes. One can experience low pressure if there is a leak in the pipe line and may be flooding another part of your house. Not just that, it may also lead to foundation cracks, increase in water bills and a damaged plumbing system in your house.

Myth #4 – Plumbing system to do need maintenance and professional help unless there is something very wrong with it

If your plumbing system is working normally day after day, it doesn’t mean it does not require maintenance. Just like other household appliances, your plumbing system also needs maintenance once in a while so that they remain in a good working condition for long. Without professional help, your plumbing system may be experiencing permanent damage. Allow a professional plumber to look at your plumbing system once every 6 months to ensure that everything is working perfectly and is in good condition. This will help you save money on big repairs down the line.

Myth #5 – Using soap to clean the pipes will clean them and make them shine

Wrong! Over time, it is going to do exactly the opposite. Soap can cause the metal pipes to corrode, cloud and also peel the surface. To clean your pipes, it is best to use professional stainless steel cleaner meant for metals.

Myth #6 – As long as things are going down the drain, there is no serious clog that needs attention

This is one of the most dangerous home plumbing myths that have caused families thousands of dollars in repairs. Your disposal system may still be in risk of a serious clog even if things are going down normally. Some of the early signs of problems may include slow moving of disposal or any waste fragments sticking on the sides of the discharge pipe. If you notice these signs, it is best not to avoid them and get professional help to get the clog removed as soon as possible.

Myth #7 – Clogs will happen, no matter what you do

There are a number of things that you can do to prevent clogs. Most clogs happen in the bathroom due to soap scums, hair and also grease. It is best not to put these down the sink. Remember to regularly run hot water in the sink to clean the soap build up. You will easily see a difference and decrease in clogs.

Myth #8 – All plumbing issues can be handled by me and does not need professional help

In order to save a little money, most people try and fix plumbing issues themselves. But, in the long run, they will have to spend much more than they had expected to. While some small issues are easy to carry out using manuals, some does need professional tools that only expert plumber have to fix them.



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